Sunday, August 2, 2015

Creative Plagiarism

5 x 8 journal page

This week's prompt is a head's up to the many ideas that we "share" amongst ourselves as artists.  Often we do not even remember where we saw a particular idea or possibility but then we creatively plagiarize the idea or medium or color combination and make it "our own" as we conceive of the idea in a new way.
Happens to most of us quite often.

The idea of "weaving paper" is surely not new but I have never gotten around to trying it and I know there are tons of variations on how to do this.  Terri Young did a sample a few weeks ago on the Journal Prompt Facebook group that I belong to.  So when the prompt came up to go ahead an "borrow" an idea…her weaving came to my mind.  These are Gelli print strips.  I know now that I should have used more contrast for either the warp or the woof or probably changed the width of the strips.  Lots of variations on this.  So here's to gently borrowing ideas and making them unique!  

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