Sunday, August 30, 2015

Journal prompt 35 and the Diva's challenge

The journal prompt this week was thinking about those things that just bring you joy.  I am so lucky that there about 400 of those things I could think of.  I decided to combine the journal prompt with the Diva's challenge and did (Level A) prompt. 

Now for the moment of writing I have a senior moment and have  lost the name of this tangle…arrgh.  But it'll come back to me.  It's done on a 2" Bejou tile.  The design behind it is an iStencil stencil done with a foam roller in oranges and red acrylics.  I laid down a square paper mask before I rolled it so I'd have a "window" for my tile.  

Getting ready to teach a Zentangle class this Wed so it's on my mind again!  


  1. O, I HATE those moments, but ..... that's life. I like your tile and the background, great idea.

  2. Ginny....

    I adore how you combined the challenge with your journal prompt! It's perfect! I love the warm background behind your Tripoli tile. Your finished tile is lovely! Thanks so much for participating!