Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fun with electric stencil cutter…a new pen…and FUNGUS!

Electric Stencil Cutter

My first experimenting with an electric stencil tool.
They are very inexpensive (like $15) but you do need to use them carefully.  Operate like a wood burner tool…hot, hot, hot.  But slices through stencil plastic like butter!  So much fun.  Much to learn.  Like where and what kind of stencil plastic do I use???? Also planning where the negative cuts go is really very tricky!

Molotow empty pen filled with Golden High Flow acrylics
Absolute wonderful find.  Found on Jane Davies supply list for my class coming up at Dillman's resort on Sept 14.  This empty pen (very inexpensive…under $5) is filled with high flow acrylics and is just so cool.  Love the opaque paint lines.  I bought two pens and black and a white paint but may get a few more colors.  

Gorgeous fungus in my yard this afternoon..2 feet wide!
When it rains all day in the north woods of WI then mushrooms and other fungi appear like over night!  The orange is just amazing.  It will last only a day.  
This is rare Indian Pipe that we found last week.  So lovely and mysterious and ghostly.  

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