Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Tangle A Day Calendar
Well, another one of Margaret Bremner's wonderful tutorials…like getting a free book every time she does this!  She has one on Paradox and Cadent too.  How fun is this.  Thank you Margaret.
(You'll see her blog on my side bar.) Planning to work ahead a little here as I'll be in Jane Davies classes next week at Dillmans.

Weather has been like 15 degrees above normal here in the north woods for about a week.  Folks are complaining!  WHAT?  This is the neck of the woods that in about 5 minutes will be 42 degrees below ZERO!  And locals are complaining it's a bit muggy here this week.  Are these people nuts!!! 

I LOVE every minute of the muggy 80 degree days!!!  I cheer.  I throw off my flannel jammies and wool robe that I have been wearing all summer long by the way, and put away my jeans and flannel shirts (for a minute) and hike down to the pier with my wine bottle and sunhat and sit adoring the mirror like lake!  Basking.  WHAT a great word: basking.  

So this morning (Wed) it has dawned "normal" again.  Which means 50 if we are lucky.  BUT it is at least sunny and "crisp" which is okay too but give me 80 any day!  Still one starts to think of apple crisp and hot tomato soup and crockpots when it gets this weather again.  Pumpkins, colored leaves, school kids...You know…the whole nine yards.  

I just pray now that in the last 3 weeks we have up here before we pack up and head back toward FL, that the snow will hold off and the temps will stay above 50 for a bit…pleeze.  AND no complaints about "above normal temps".  Not from this girl!  


  1. The variations look wonderful all together! I like your 'chalk on black' one, too.
    Have a great time at Jane Davies workshop.

  2. Let me know when you are heading south - let's see if you can time out a short trip "to the farm"! I tried sending an email earlier, not sure you got it.



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