Thursday, September 3, 2015

More stencil stuff and some Gelli print notebooks!

Practice to cut stencils

A friend recommended this technique for cutting your own stencils (Frances uses these in her journaling).  I had a piece of stencil plastic (from Walmart) to practice on.  These are out of order…really. I put the photo under glass and taped it in place and then put the stencil materials on top of the glass and taped.
So no need to trace or make marks.  Then used the electric stencil cutter (with windows open as there is a little odor involved). 

 I then stamped through the stencil with a cosmetic sponge stamper and some thinned black acrylic paint.  It might be fun to try some ink instead of paint in the process too.  I did then add some ink lines to the final piece in the middle.  That was fun.  

Connie wrote and said I should check out sewing and quilting stores for stenciling plastic too.  Frances suggested E-Z cut stencil material.  That comes in two weights and the lighter weight sells for $3/foot which is not bad but you do have to pay for shipping of course.  

I think I am going to have to join a recovery group for art material junkies.  (There is actual a FB group called art material junkies).  :-)  

My other finish up project today was to clear coat two little cheap notebooks I painted up with gelli plate/stenciling.  These cost 17 cents each at WalMart (these are like student folders).  
But I love them to keep trip info in and store art league newsletters and my book club info.  Etc.  

These are totally fun to make and wouldn't they make a cute gift for a school kid?  I mean send these to your grandkids!  They will be ecstatic.  When dry I do give these a coat of high gloss varnish and medium (Liquitex) to strengthen them, gloss them up, and keep the paints permanent.  

I do print the inside flaps.  I mean why not?
Gosh I love those iStencils!  

Okay off to make lunch…it's gorgeous here in the north woods today…sun is out and we'll have lunch down on the pier.  
Thanks for stopping by.  

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