Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finishing up a Zendala

This Zendala is about 8" across.
Based on one that Margaret Bremner posted probably a year ago…I started it out from the center like hers and then continued on.  Then put it aside and there it sat in a folder forever.

Packing up to head south next week, it surfaced again.  
So I finished it and now then that I would like to do something around the outside edge.  I am thinking of the tangle Akoya but it will have to be thought through carefully so I don't end up with half a tangle at the closing of the circle!  I am thinking maybe doing two "ripples" of Akoya between each point.  Hmmmm?

I will do a sample on the side and see how I like it.
Do you think I need to add a little spice of color in it somewhere?

We have FREEZE warnings in north central WI tonight.  Oh my!
Greg has built a lovely roaring fire in the fireplace so we are toasty and I have a heating blanket for the bed.  But the old cabin is not very insulated so we could not hang on for much longer.  Last year by Oct 3 we had a light coating of snow!!!  Not kidding. 

One thing when you have a fire like this is broils the humidity right out of the air.  So now I have the humidifier on.  (Note: Greg hasn't gotten around yet to putting stone facing on his little fireplace so temporarily I painted acrylic faux stones!)

Our count down to closing is going fairly smoothly so far.
We take off on Monday.  So I'll post on Sunday morning and then I'll be posting from my iPad which always puts very small photos up.  But at least you'll know where we are and what is up!!!

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