Monday, September 7, 2015

Hawthorne Park Watercolor Workshops

"I've Always Wanted to Paint in Watercolor"
3 Workshops offered to the Fine Arts Club at Hawthorne Park, FL

Monday afternoons 1-4 pm Nov 9 and 23 and Dec 14.
the Nov 9 workshop is designed for the complete novice…color mixing, paper, brushes, and beginning techniques.*

Bring $5 for paper and brush.
Deadline for sign up is November 2.
Sign up on the Quad or email Ginny at
This workshop is for Hawthorne residents only.

Supply List:
  • a 2B pencil
  • a kneaded or vinyl eraser
  • a water container (large cottage cheese or yogurt)
  • $5 cash for brush and paper

The brush we will be using is a #10 round synthetic brush that I will supply (no substitutions.)
I will supply paint for the Nov 9 class.

Workshop is based on Brenda Swenson's book Steps to Success in Watercolor.  I highly recommend it.  $10 paperback.  Check it out at

Class syllabus:
Nov 9: Introduction to materials and techniques.  This is a pre-requiste to the other two workshops if you are a novice. We will paint a small painting today!

Nov 23: Composition, Values, Colors: We will be painting a still life today.
Students will be asked to bring their own watercolor paints on this day.

Dec 14: Using hard and soft edges, working with light and shadow, using and saving white spaces.  We will be painting a Christmas Card today.  

*Experienced watercolor students are welcome to join the workshops on the 23rd and 14th.  Bring your own supplies. 


  1. The Hawthorne Park residents are very lucky to have this opportunity!

  2. I would love to give this a try. I am a totally newbie and always felt I couldn't draw a circle if I tried. I will not be here for the 9th. Will you be offering these classes again?

    1. I have several "newbies" that can't make the first workshop.
      So I am happy to have you come to the second one.

      There will be several other beginners and everyone at Nov 9 meeting will "still" be a beginner, trust me. :-)

      The second class is Monday November 23rd 1-4 pm in the art room.
      Bring the same supplies as listed for the Nov 9 one.

      Shall I put you down?
      Please send your first and last name and your email address.

  3. Yes, please put me down for the 23rd. Much appreciated. My info: Kitty Worsham,, address at Hawthorne, 215 Aspen Circle. We will be gone from the 1st to the 8th of November, and on the 9th have an appointment that afternoon. Again, thanks very much. Something I have always wished I could do......



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