Sunday, September 6, 2015

Diva's Challenge: Zenith

Haven't posted my Tangle A Day for awhile but I am keeping up.
Today am doing double duty with Diva's Challenge of the new tangle called "Zenith" introduced this spring at one of the CZT trainings.
Didn't think I would like it, but I do!!!  Great border for sure. 

 Decided to combine it with my new stamp…adored it on one of my Facebook groups this summer and finally ordered one.  A ticket giving you permission to take a nap!  How perfect.

The fine print says "anytime any couch" and then on the other end it says "bearer is exempt of any adverse consequences accrued during nap"  Yup…wish I had more time to get a nap in but nowadays I seem to end up in the studio or at the computer or taking a workshop or doing errands…yadda yadda yadda.

I print these up and leave them on top of my guest towels in the guest room up here at the cabin.  

We are having amazingly warm Indian summer temps here…like 15 degrees above normal.  I LOVE it.  85 yesterday at the pier on September 5th WOW.  Weather gal says last night…"people have been asking when it will cool down so they are more comfortable". WHAT is she talking about!!!  This is the land of 42 degrees below  zero in no time flat.  AND winter lasts from Oct 1 to June 1.  WHY would anyone be in a hurry to have cooler temperatures!!!  It could stay this way until Oct if you asked me!  WHO is that woman talking to?!!!  :-)

Okay guys have a great Labor Day weekend.


  1. I want a nap!! I love how you used the pink color from your stamp on the Zenith design. It's such a happy color! Interestingly, I have just been playing in my sketchbook with that same color ink. I saw someone had done an entire design in yellow, which was so lovely. I didn't have a yellow pen, so I settled for that pink color, and I'm loving it! How fun!



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