Sunday, August 9, 2015

Circles of Zentangles

I needed a quick way to get caught up after lots of interruptions.
So when this came off my Gelli plate as a mono print the other day it seems destined to have some tangling added to it!  I actually could have gone on and on with this.  I got to thinking that some tangling could actually be done in the white spaces too!  The paper is Deli paper (now pretty much available only at Sam's Club). But it can be ordered through Amazon.  

Acorns are falling here and we are on the cusp of autumn.
There are "signs".  Days are getting shorter again.  
We see a young buck drinking at the lake at dusk with a new rack of antlers emerging.  Birds seems hungrier than they did in July…are they thinking of the long trips ahead already?

Lots of company this week and weather man seems hopeful we will get some "summery" weather yet.  

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