Friday, November 6, 2015

Fun With Gelli Print class

Using Dimensional Paint

Using Acrylic Glazing medium

Okay so I am in this online class with Jane Davies.
This is a first for me.  Never done anything like this before.
I am not sure how many folks are in the class but I know it filled last April in 48 hours.  

She establishes a private blog to which we all post our lessons each week.  I think it's 6 weeks but right now I can't remember.

Folks in it are from all over the country and other countries too…I remember seeing The Netherlands and Canada and Great Britain..I forget where else.  Very fun.  

At this point Jane is having us begin to learn how to create different textures on the Gelli plate for collages.  I won't bore you with all the things but here were two I especially liked.  

Have been a busy bee in the studio lately…also getting ready to post my first prompt to the journal group on Facebook.  Makes me nervous to think I am in charge of it next week!  Yikes.
Thanks to Cynthia, who gave me inspiration, I think I have it written the way I want it now.  Hope I remember to post it!  

Life is crazy here.  After 3 weeks of not feeling well…I am almost back to normal (if ever I am normal).  We are busy remodeling our kitchen, and I have several classes I am teaching…watercolor next Monday and then Zentangle Tuesday the 17th.  So prep work ongoing there.  Everything slightly behind!  

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