Sunday, November 8, 2015

Zentangle Demo ready...


For the demo in Mt. Dora, FL I decided that for those people who bring a fine line black pen and a pencil, I would demo a book mark. Totally optional.  I wanted one that would be simple and not take too much time or have too much explanation.  This is not a "class"…just a demo.  Here are a few I played with the then decided on the third tangle.  "Ing" is the tangle that was introduced at CZT 15 which was my session.  So you sort of "bond" with your tangle, ya know?

It is very simple and yet has a very nice look to it.  I added a little tipple to balance it with a little organic lines and then did an aura around the whole thing. The wc is just to show people how things change if you add color.  

So I cut 50 book marks this weekend and on the back of each I have the information about my DK class in January.  Susan thinks we could have as many as 45 people at the demo.  So that would be good marketing for the class.  

Pretty warm (86) in central FL…overcast this afternoon.  After church and lunch, we are now watching the Packer's game.  They are down 14 to 27 at the point in the game.  Go Pack!  

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