Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 3 of Jane Davies online class

So in Jane's online class we are cutting "stencils" with a craft knife…just simple shapes.  I am using old magazine pages for this.  Every place you see "blue" that is where I cut out a shape.  Then you roll out paint on your gelli plate and lay the stencil on it and then place your 8 x 8 paper wherever you want.

So for instance on this one (actually white paper, sorry about the pink tint) the aqua blue and the orange are actually paint.  The others are collaged hand painted papers.  

On this one the yellow/burnt sienna and the light blue are all painted.  The others are collaged hand painted papers.

Mostly we are just "playing" a little with the ideas.  We are not working out a lot of details on the collages yet.  

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