Saturday, November 28, 2015

Planning for the last wc workshop for beginners

My watercolor class will conclude it's 3-part series on Monday with making some Christmas cards based on  things we have learned (color mixing and control of water) and combining them with some techniques for texture.  

Using Brenda Swenson's beginner wc book for our text…we are exploring her preferred textures: Saran plastic wrap (see background on top card), masking fluid (see snow flakes on bottom card), lifting (see moon and snow drifts in second card.  

I am using really inexpensive card stock as it actually works better for wet techniques.  Because it doesn't like to be taped down, however…we are using stic-tak on the corners of the cards to hold them to our support boards. 

I am limiting everyone to one #10 round and one 3/4" flat brush for the cards.  

If you look very closely you will see there are Christmas lights in the palm trees (moon glow gel pens).  This IS Florida after all. 

Happy Holidays.


  1. Love them.....Happy Christmas, Hugs Paulette

  2. Ginny, loved the picture! Wish I could take a class. What is the name of the Brenda Swenson book you use? I found 3 on Amazon but couldn't tell which it could be. I'm dabbling in using water colour paints and pencils to enhance my ZIAs. I've never "done" art before so I am learning lots of basic theory - colour wheel, shading, the properties of different media, it's all very exciting but I have to stop and take time to tangle. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day :)

  3. Great to hear from you Paulette…AND for Jakki…the name of the book I use with my class is Steps to Watercolor Success, Brenda Swenson.
    It is compact, easy to read, and very user friendly. Just enough to get you started. The Paulette who commented before you was my first watercolor teacher more than 16 years ago. I highly recommend you find a good instructor and take a basic beginner class. I really think that it's hard to learn wc from a book or video. And since you have Zentangle too…lots to do! WC and Zentangle are complimentary. So enjoy.



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