Friday, November 27, 2015

Journal Prompt 46: Font Fun

Journal Prompt 46: Fonts

One thing I am learning is that "font making" is like illustration…it takes practice and it takes TIME.  Unless you plan to just "trace" fonts, you have to take time to learn some new ideas about printing and writing.  Not interested in calligraphy…just interesting font-making.  

I was in charge of the journal prompt on Nov 11 and so I challenged members to work with fonts.  Since then there have been two challenges and I'm not on top of them. One is about birthdays and one is about special celebrations in your life.  I should be able to put those together, don't you think???  

The journal prompt is now coming to the close of their first year together.  Some folks have dropped out, others plan to drop out but there is a core group still left for next year.  

My goal is to post twice a month…combining prompts together if I can and if not, then picking my favorite.  I also plan to use a larger journal at least 9 x 12.  Doing it weekly was just too much pressure.  But I learned a lot.  I also learned at 5 x 7 journals do not give me enough wiggle room!  

Am going to try to find a little more studio time in the holiday rush of things.  We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel too…but no excuses.  This evening my goal is to write my Christmas letter (long over due) and decide what art work will go with it.

I am also trying to search out a mechanical pencil that holds a .3 mm lead (normal is .7).  I am thinking I need to visit Office Depot first.  Been enjoying Danielle Donaldson's book Creative Girl Mixed Media techniques for an Artful Life.  Her graphite work is gorgeous.  

Hope you all had a lovely lovely Thanksgiving and next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.  My tree is up.  I am keeping decorations VERY simple this year with the kitchen construction happening.  Decorating with a lot of nice pungent piney candles and a live poinsettia and just some favorite little Christmas table cloths and runners.  Just enough.  Now to find the Christmas CDs.

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