Thursday, September 29, 2016

Diva's Challenge: use straight lines only

I decided to put the Diva's Challenge into my Zentangle calendar as I often do.  I thought I'd try "Hazen" that I think is an official tangle.  Never tried it before.  The square numbered 11 is sort of what it looked like to me.  But I was clueless how to repeat it.  So I just meandered off (in straight lines) and made up more.  Then finished off with "Atorm" which has LOTS of straight lines.  

I thought I'd post what I have done of this calendar so far...

I usually start a calendar sort of randomly like this…popping around to different sections each time I work on it.  Then going back to fill in sections or extend sections.  

Below is the challenge for Back to Square One Facebook group and also for the Shading Group and the tangle was "Garlic".  I am limited to black, white and gray in the Square One group.   


  1. Nice calendar a tile! I like the calendar idea. May have to try that out next month.

  2. I have never seen this 'Haven' tangle before and I think you did a great job with it.

  3. Nice idea adding to your calendar. Lovely plump garlic cloves too!

  4. Beautiful! Love your calender idea!

  5. I didn't see befor "calendar-tangling" - it's a great idea :-) Gudrun S.