Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pushing Boundaries

So this "supposed" calendar is really good for any month that has 31 days and starts on a Tuesday.  I cut off the date at the top.  (It's actually Aug 2017 but who is counting?)

I just like working on these grids and I know I could just run off grids but I like working on a dated calendar.  Not sure why.  I do display the current "correct" month near by computer.  But pretty soon I'll have worked a year ahead!  I like doing these "connected" tangles in larger formats.  And they are useful to me in the sense that usually use at least 5 or 6 new tangles everyone I start one.

Tripoli at the top left is an old tangle but I used "fragments" to fill it in (H-16 and A-13) in Maria and Rick's newest book.  Other tangles are Bridgen, BTL Joos, Andromeda, Mo-Fins, Black Pearl, FEDR, Rope, Upholstery, and Rundl to name a few.

I don't often incorporate print into these but the saying seemed so appropriate.  And I cut a slit in the paper to slip it in.  

Cold and rainy in the north woods of WI today.  Dark dark dark.
We are off to church and then to the model train show.  I hope to do some Urban Sketching there.

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