Thursday, September 8, 2016

Line Drawings in Ink

9 x 12 ink on Strathmore Mixed Media paper 90#
Noodler's Ink and Lamy Fountain Pen

Ginny's "desk" in the cabin studio.
It's neater than normal as I've been working on some watercolors and had to clear things off.  
I discovered if you wait at least half an hour, the Noodler's Ink in my Lamy pen will become quite permanent and you can watercolor over it. 

This should make a good page in the coloring book that the art group is planning too.  Don't you just itch to color it in?  (See below…I gave in to the itch).

It took about 30-40 minutes to do this sketch.  It's kind of funky perspective.  I can tell when I started to get off-track or lost my concentration.  Makes a big difference.  

The LONG stretch of rain has briefly stopped here in the north woods but we expect another storm tonight that will last a few days.  SO much rain.  But the mosquitoes have blissfully almost disappeared!  We hear that central FL has had a massive outbreak what are commonly called "blind mosquitoes".  These are actually "aquatic midges".  Truly disgusting and a total nuisance.   Cynthia says that they are really awful…just swarming and swarming in clouds.  They don't bite, just swarm.

The idea that this might make a good coloring book page has come up and so I copied this on a light table so I still have the black and white sketch and have used colored pencils on the table top and some watercolor below the table.  I think it will be a fun thing to work on and actually rather complicated to color.

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