Tuesday, September 27, 2016

InkTober: Are you Ready?

So…the InkTober Challenge has been going on now for about 7 years now.  I have "heard" of it but I didn't go and have a look until recently when my artist friend Susan Bronsak reminded me of it (and just in time too).  

The challenge was invented by Jake Parker and he has a series of videos on line you can look at about it as well as some nice posts about his favorite pens.  He is basically a cartoon artist and quite professional.  The challenge which will start this Saturday can be connected using Twitter.  (the hashtags are listed below the calendar.)  But since I do not HAVE a Twitter account, that won't be possible for me.  So this will be more of a personal journey.  If any of you out there are participating you can email me at ginny.stiles@gmail.com so I can find your blog and we can share our work!  

Each day has a theme and the only rule is that you use ink.  You can pencil sketch first if you want to.  Susan and I did Brenda Swenson's 75 day  ink sketch challenge 5 years ago.  So this is a much smaller version!!!  And I plan to use the daily themes on a very loose basis.  I will be "on the road" traveling through much of it.
I have a problem posting from my iPad so you won't see the results from Oct 11-23.  But I will post them before and after that.


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