Sunday, September 11, 2016

Practicing Hand-made Whimsical Printing

Here are two birthday cards for grandsons whose birthdays that come in late September and early October.  I used my home-made washi tapes to hold in the checks (not included yet).  I love working on black paper!  Not what I'd normally choose for a birthday!  But it sure makes inks pop!  

If you have a copy of Joanne Sharp's book on Whimsical Lettering, you will recognize some of these above.  I like to practice the different kinds of letters she suggests…it's a super great book.  

I like trying out print in many different inks and sizes of nibs and the purple print on the second card is actually a "home made stencil" that I "burned" with an electric stencil cutter and then used sponges to make the purple words adding the black and white highlights when it's dry.  

The tangle is "lolly-wimple" in case you are interested.

I've been enjoying adding gold to the cards with embossing powder and a heat gun.  

With 12 grandchildren I have LOTS of opportunity to practice different skills!  

We are having some very chilly evenings in the north woods of Wisconsin!  45 this morning.  I expect we'll be having frost warnings in a week or so and the color is "just" beginning.  Soon be time to start having wood fires in the fireplace!   We still have about 4 weeks left before we take off.  I HOPE we don't see snow!

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