Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Journal Prompts…3 weeks worth!

This prompt was simple "Do something unique with initials".
I'm afraid this was not too gorgeous or anything…but I picked up a set of letter stamps a few weeks ago at a garage sale.  And I decided to include my immediate family which is a generous # of people.  Greg and I near the top (with the same initials) and then our 6 kids and then my sister & hubby, my nephews (also with the same initials) and then at the bottom our grandkids…two of whom have double  initials AA and NN.

Of all the prompts to play "catch up" with, this was the most fun. The prompt was about "Back to School".  I picked up some "blackboard paper" somewhere and used a pastel pencil on it to simulate "chalk" since I did not have chalk around the house.  Then I went back to when I was 10 years old and tried to remember some typical things we did then.  No iPads, no cell phones, and in my case no TV (not until 1951).  Lots of trading cards, bike riding, paper dolls, and desks bolted to the floor in rows.  Good memories for the most part.  

The dog days of summer (in the north woods) if they ever appear at all are in late July…long past.  I can remember some long hot summer days in Illinois growing up though and it would mostly be August when you lay in the hammock or went to the local pool.  Time kind of dragged as the bees buzzed and the tomatoes ripened.  Time slowed way down.  So I decided this little sketch of an old slipper would possible evoke the timelessness of that.  

Very dark and big time thunder and lightning and rain this morning in the north woods.  If there were street lights here they would be on.  The rain is falling gently and there is no wind…I am grateful for that.  Wind up here is so destructive with so many trees!  It is actually warm up here today…oddly enough…mid 70s.

We have 5 weeks left now to our departure toward Florida.
And the last 10 days is pretty much full of packing and closing the cabin chores.  So for all practical purposes it's only about 4.  I go through this packing whining every spring and every fall as we make the transitions.  

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