Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kindness Zentangle®

3.5" tiles held together with hand-made washi tape

bits of colorful gelli-rint papers added along with labels and print

Some years ago some great gals started up a blog about "kindness zentangles" and I have been doing them ever since.  I bind two together with home-made painted washi tape and then add a favorite saying and a label that says "this is an anonymous gift for you to have or to pass is made with kindness using the Zentangle® method. See"  I've been visiting folks at the local hospital and leaving them quietly all over in the waiting rooms.  Sometimes they disappear before I come back to the room!  Don't ever ask what you can do with your tiles!  Think of all the places you can leave them...get great service at a restaurant, leave it for your server.  Library?  Clinics and doctor's offices? Schools?  Etc.

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