Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Art As Story: Bobbi Baugh

So here is one last artist from the Deland Art Tour on Feb 25.
This is Bobbi Baugh.  Bobbie is a self described mixed media artist who works with paper and fabric.  She sublists her media as  "monotype, collage, textile art, and art quilts.)
You can find her here.
Because I play with many of the same mediums (less quilting) it is inspiring me!!!

Not only is her art amazing...her thoughts are amazing too.  Her blog contains bits of what is happening in her life and in her journey through it.  They are worth following just to make you try out thinking more about what makes you tick.   

Bobby shares her art so genuinely and freely.  She has such thoughtful stories that spin through her art.  I absolutely love her stories and her art.  

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