Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Wonderful Day in Winter Park, FL

What a wonderful art day!  A visit to the Tiffany Museum in Winter Park.   What a pleasure.  And then to also find an Alphonse Mucha there too (see  top painting).  Gosh I love his work!!!  He was a Czech art nouveau painter.  (1860-1939) 

And then to see so much wonderful art by Louis Comfort Tiffany!
The world's best collection of his beautiful art in glass, pottery, and paintings.  I will post a little more of my photos at another time.
Such makes a Zentangle® artist almost swoon with amazed delight at all the patterns.

We went with my friend Margaret, here from snowy WI, and we took the great little boat ride through the canals around Winter Park. It was about 85 all day and sunny and just perfect to be out on the lake.  Then a super delightful lunch at The Bistro on Park Avenue. Then the museum and finally we stopped at church for the Ash Wednesday service of ashes on the way home at Graceway Presbyterian Church in Leesburg.  Home for Chinese food.  Yum.
What a perfect day.  

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