Friday, March 17, 2017

Joey's Challenge: K is for Kindness

Just a little exercise in Zentangle® this evening.  Unwinding.
This challenge is obviously alphabetical!  I had a little fun doing a rubbing with crayons too. 

Hubby and are winding down after a rather busy gone to art class for 3 days and him holding down "the fort".  

Some nice evenings out and a chance to see the movie Moonlight.  A somewhat troubling and sad movie, don't you think?  A reminder that resilience is what keeps people afloat in the hardest of times.  

Worrisome news continues to come at us every day...a strange health care plan that would leave so many afraid and vulnerable.
Who would take away Medicare and Meals on Wheels and Planned Parenthood?  Our world is spinning out of control.  And now North Korea is in the news again.  Some say the anxiety level of this country is at full tilt while the president seems to think he has a part-time job.  

K is for kindness.    

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