Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of these things does not belong

There are some challenges that "tickle my fancy".  This one had to do with the letter "j".  I could not help myself and started tangling all the j tangles I could find.  BUT this turned out to be one of those of these things does not belong.  😉
I am sure you'll find it immediately...I got caught up with a new tangle and forgot the name of the game!  Oops. 
Incidentally I cut off the name of one on the left near the point of the j that is named "Joki".  


  1. hee hee, I got a giggle out of this. fun!

  2. "One of these things is not like the other," lol. That's so funny, but hey,whatever works, right? It's a wonderful tile, so IMO, it belongs and it's like the others. Great job!! And you had fun, which is what tangling is all about.


  3. Love the fun that you had. Lovely tile and I like your colourful "j"

  4. Have been there, have done it including forgetting what the game is all about. Between you and me: When I use an odd one out pattern I gently 'rename' the offender to detour everybody in believing all is just A-OK with my tile, while praying to the sky that the original pattern owner will forgive my abuse and not kill me. Your tile is great and your 'Jessell' is particularly beautiful.



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