Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mac N Cheese Tangle: Diva Challenge

In Zentangle® the tangles (patterns) that you love and that come to mind as the most relaxing and fun are known as the "Mac n Cheese" tangles.  Like home cooking.  

What is your home cooking favorites changes on and off.  One month you might revert to one and a few months later it'll be another one.  For a long while I almost always reverted to "Wheelz" when I was dreaming.  

Over the last 6 months or so it's been "Lollywimple". There is no logical explanation for what you choose except for me it has to have curving lines, be open to the mood to interpret, and be able to fit into almost any shape or string.  It doesn't need to be planned much but it has a lot of creative options.  It "plays well with others." (here it plays with "Hollibaugh".)

I like that it makes a cool border and it shades well.  


  1. Beautiful compositon with wonderfull drawn tangles!

  2. Never seen that tangle before, but I like it. Your tile is beautiful, I love the little dots here and there.

  3. Excellent selection of tangles to play together and make a sweet tile with!

  4. I like how your Hollibaugh seems to be hugging a cushion of Lollywimple!

  5. Wonderful composition! Love it!



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