Monday, March 27, 2017

Faux Marbling on Gelli Plate

"Faux marbling" is what this technique as been dubbed.  I just love all the ways that gelatin mono printing can be done!  I haven't had my Gelli Plate out for several months and I must admit that after checking out my Facebook Group (gelatin plate enthusiasts which now has 6000 followers!) I found everyone trying this new idea.  Guess what...I had to try it.

The top two examples (all are done on 8.5 x 11 plain paper) are pretty much what they are supposed to look like.  The second two examples are me experimenting with using some various "masking" techniques along with it.  The last two were me trying out some stenciling and mark making on the surfaces just to get a feel for that.  (If you have ever taken a Jane Davies workshop you tend to get into this mark making thing.)

I do think the marbling idea is quite interesting and makes lovely paper.  BUT what a mess.  Well, gelli printing is a mess have to allow for that as a given.  But this technique involves pulling apart bits of twine until they are just fuzzy masses of fiber.  THAT takes quite a bit of time for one thing.
But you could just do that while watching the news I suppose.  Make a big pile of them and keep them in a zip lock bag.  Once used they do have to be thrown away.

Then you have to place these fuzzy bits on wet paint and there begins the process.  (You can see this how to video here.) Well, the bits of fuzz become totally involved and after you have effectively made a total wild messy wet mess, you have to clean up and start on another bit.  You get maybe 4-5 prints on each mess.  But the twine fuzz gets all over your brayer and is rather a bear to get off the plate afterward.  So you do have to be committed to this effort and know that it's going to take longer than other techniques.  

I guess what I am saying is "don't be in a hurry" on this one.  And plan to spend prep time and clean up time that is far more than ordinary printing.  If I were doing a demo for a class it is the LAST one I'd demo as no one would want to stand around watching me clean up.  And plan to make a dozen or more sheets as long as you are committed to the process!  

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  1. Your versions of the hemp string prints are more like the gelli arts blog ones - I didn't pull my hemp string apart enough and now will have to go back and try again with fuzzier string :). These all look good!



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