Sunday, March 5, 2017

Where is the time for art?

So I should be making art...this I know.  But I want you to know that I do have some legitimate distractions.  One thing past week was my show on local in-house television for our park...called "First Friday with Fine Arts". I interview one of the club members who is currently showing an exhibition in the park library and it's a chance to talk about various other art activities taking place here and locally.  

AND I am co-chair of the big park art show which takes place one week from today!  We expect about 400 people to visit that afternoon...if the weather holds and the "creeks don't rise".  Actually we need rain desperately here in Central Florida.  But it could please not rain next weekend!

AND I've had company for 14 days straight.  (not kidding.)  About half a dozen projects are half started in my studio.  Am hoping this week will allow me some time. Although other things are creeping in!  Boy, sometimes you have to fight for art time, don't you?

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