Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Tiny Accordion Sketchbook

This is my tiny accordion fold purse sketch book...3 x 5".  Both are 5 minute sketches with color added later.  Left is waiting for our tour boat...Margaret and I in the hot sun on the pier like two turtles  sunning in the heat.  Greg off parking the car.  Then on the right a really darling little hidden restaurant off the streets and through a winding path to find "The Bistro" for lunch.  

I have so much art waiting to be worked on!  But I can't seem to get started today.  I ended up doing mundane things like catching up with laundry and balancing the check book...arrrgh.  After having guests for two weeks there were a lot of small things needed doing.

So I am having my wine and am curled up on the FL room watching the sun get lower in the sky and reading Fredrik Backman's book My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry.  If you have read A Man Called Ove, it's the same author.

Sunday looks like a quiet afternoon...maybe after church I'll get to the studio?  

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