Friday, March 10, 2017

The Good News

On Thursday hubby was scheduled to complete his 2-part "stress" test for the cardiologist.  Due to some limitations physically, we decided along with the doctor, that a chemically induced stress test would work best.  And because he suffers from ET (Essential Tremor) and has a brain implant to help this and a chest implant to regulate it, this complicated the matter.  

All of this was baseline testing, by the way.  Other than feeling extra tired lately, he had no other symptoms.  But stress tests tend to cause some "real" stress for the ones taking the tests and the ones who love them.  What if they find something?  At our ages, these things happen!  

This 30 minute sketch was during the wait period before he actually completed the test.  He had his IV in but was not uncomfortable physically. But we were tired of waiting and worried about how it would go.  So we chatted quietly and I did this small sketch to help pass the time.  The monitor in the drawing was used for the EKG.  The scan was in another room actually.  Greg was given Valium to make him feel relaxed so he was lying down to wait.

Now looking back at the sketch I can feel the tension, the worry and the sterile and discomforting environment all over again.  

The good news is that when the test was read today...everything was PERFECTLY normal.  Much celebrating this evening!

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