Saturday, March 11, 2017

Line Over Line Lettering

Often when I am procrastinating I find something...some bit of distraction that has been sitting on one of my desks (I have 3 to organize...but that's another story) and I run with it for awhile. 
Wastes a good deal of time but is SO satisfying.  Unfortunately the job you are trying to avoid tends to be still there later.  Hmmm.

Joanne Sharpe, who is my absolutely favorite "whimsical" printer (as contrasted to calligraphy or serious font making) is above doing a demo of her new DVD.  She is so generous with sharing her love of letters.  So she just has a bit of fun with this nonsense.  

Just use your own script (fairly least 2-3" big I would guess) and write a word forward as normal and then...the fun part-- quickly retrace the word going backwards in a wonky way sort of not trying much in the least to really trace it...then go forward again rather quickly doing the same thing.  The point is to make lots of little unusual shapes but still be able to read the word.

Then (and you'll love this if you are coloring book fanatic) you get out your favorite coloring tools (markers, colored pencils, wc) and you spend a bit of time coloring in the bits.  I used colored pencils above.  This is my first attempt.  I hope I get better at it.  But it sure was fun.  I think this would make a great card...journal printing...or a title on a poster or booklet.  I think it is more effective if you stay with 3-4 colors.  Or at least stay in the same color "family".  But you can try whatever!  You can watch her do it here.

ps...the job I was avoiding did not go away and so I had to start packing up art supplies for my workshop with Sandy Maudlin that starts on Monday.  I LOVE workshops.  I just don't like the packing up part.  But it's all done now.  Can't wait to share the workshop with you all.  It is one of watercolor/batik but in a very usual style.  

All this HAD to get done today because tomorrow (Sunday) is our all-day art show here at Hawthorne Park.  40% chance of rain hoping that it waits until night time!  We usually get close to 400 people there!  Rain could put a damper on things.  I am co-chair of the event and have to be there ALL day.   And I have to leave at the crack of dawn on Monday!!!

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