Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Interpret a Box of Keys using tape and a lot of Faith

This is just the thing for a rainy Monday in central Florida.

Get yourself a box of keys.  (just kidding).  This wonderful box was  photographed at the Steam Punk festival last Monday in Mount Dora.  Although perhaps some of you have some keys collected?  They are so fascinating and what a metaphor for examining life!  

Or so I thought when I sent this to Sandy Maudlin for my photo reference and she sent it back in 4 values of black/white and gray.
OH my.  What was I thinking!  But obviously since I was taking her class I didn't know that I should have sent her a pear.  Not a box of keys.  So you begin by tracing or drawing the images.  THAT was a challenge to begin with.  THEN you begin with the lightest values and you "tape" them off with just the special masking tape.  Seriously?  Oh my.  Then you paint a wc wash over it all with your lightest colors. (see first photo).  Then when bone dry you find your next darker images and tape them off.  Paint again.  So now that is where I am...letting it dry overnight and doing the third tape and  wash tomorrow morning.  

The tape must be torn, by the way, not cut.  Raggedy edges are preferred.  I hope that will become evident by the end.  This takes a lot of faith.  Tune in tomorrow.  

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