Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Moment Catchers Challenge at #momentcatchers

This is Candace Rose Randon and she has a terrific FB page and a fascinating blog so I am featuring her on MY blog today to introduce her.  I just found her through my daughter, Julie, who sent me the link this week.  

But the neatest thing (for me) about Candace is that she is a "professional travel sketcher" who is also very tech savvy and is busy sharing her love of art AND her travels AND tips for becoming a better sketcher with everyone.   She has some free downloadable ideas and lots of interesting tips.  

I don't know where Candace hails from (been trying to figure that out) but right now she is sketching around the world and challenging us to sketch along with her.  

Candace started an extremely interesting once-a-month challenge for 2017 called "Moment Catchers".  So the challenge has been posted 3 times so far.  It's not too late to "get in the game".  She just wants you to sketch each month and then on the first weekend of each month post your favorite to #momentcatchers and tell where you are and anything you want about the sketch.  

You do NOT have to be traveling to exotic places.  Traveling into your hometown or nearby places is just fine.  Urban sketches, en plein air, landscapes, botanical, etc. Whatever grabs you.  

The week after you post, she will gather all the entries and post them on her blog so you can go back to her blog and see the first 3 months.  She says that there are 47 different countries represented already!  Wow.  

Are you on?

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