Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mount Dora, FL Art Festival

5.5 x 7" accordion folding sketch pad (2 page spread)

Near the ice cream stand and the ATM machine!

A really lovely Saturday afternoon spent in Mt. Dora, FL at their well-organized art festival.  Don't know the count this year...but normally over 10,000 people attend.  They have a good shuttle bus system.  Everyone was having a grand time and the weather both days was perfect...sunny and in the upper 70s.  

This was our one time to sit down all afternoon (with ice cream).  I did a 5 minute sketch while Greg finished his.  Added color at home.

Here's what it looked like out in the main walking areas! 

ps. Those of you who sent little notes about our granddaughter Abby and her heart ablation...I wanted you to know things went fairly well.  She came through with flying colors but unfortunately they did not find exactly what was causing her arrhythmia so they did not do the ablation as planned.  She may have to go on some medication for her tachycardia which does not seem to have a straightforward cause.  So that part was a disappointment.

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