Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Steampunk Valentines?

Two small cards...about 3 x 5 each.

Just finishing up the last of the Valentines for family and friends.
(I'm a big lover of Valentine's Day).  
These two crazy ones have nice fronts which are made with mono prints.  But I thought the insides were more interesting actually.

I believe I have been affected by the Steampunk Festival as a lot of things I am doing seem to have a steampunk feel to them lately.
These are two "machines" are love machines.  Who knew that is what they would become.

They started out as stencil know with a crayon over a stencil.  Then they "morphed".  Obviously made by some mad scientist bent on spreading more love.  I just let them evolve.

I used many mediums: wc, pens, markers, ink, crayon, pearlized drops, glitter, etc.  Just relaxed and let things flow.  Fun. Everything glued on with YES favorite paper to paper glue.  

These will go off in the mail tomorrow. All the grandkids ones got sent today.  

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