Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentines for the grandchildren

This is what happens when you have 12 grandchildren!!!

I love using home made washi tape on envelopes.

The Valentines themselves are made from "shaving cream prints" that come out looking a lot like marbling.  Very fun.  You can do it with watercolor, food coloring, or fluid acrylics.  I used mostly pinks, purples, and red.  I added some stencil work with acrylic paint, some glitter,  and some cute plastic stickers from Michaels.  
Inside I embossed "Happy Valentines Day". 

My grands range from 11 to 26 and so there's quite a range.  
Miss them all.  Abby (17) is having heart ablation surgery on Feb 2.  Everyone is holding her close to our hearts in a whole new way right now.  She has sinus ventricular tachycardia.  This is her second ablation.  Tough for someone so young!!!  But she has fantastic doctors.  We are trying not to worry.


  1. Your Heartfelt gifts to your Grands are beautiful and inspiring! My prayers are with all and especially your Abby!

  2. These look like they were fun to create. What a special grandma you are :-) Thoughts and best wishes Abby does well with the ablation.



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