Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Following the Journey

This painting (watercolor) is a half sheet of Arches 140#.  The home of my friends Fritz and Catherine in Lake Geneva, WI.
It has quite a bit yet to go...lawn, large forested area to the left, driveway..all in lovely shadows.  

It's fun to watch something "emerge" of the flat plain into the dimensional plane.  

I hope that a few more days I will have it done.  I need to get started in packing up the studio now.  And my energy level is still pretty low.  I find I have to stop and rest quite often.  

But leaving date is less than two weeks now.  The count down is on.  We are having pretty steady rains in FL in June.  I try to sneak in some pool time in between.  We are having a hard time adjusting to the heat in between...mid 90s with high humidity.  We try to get to the pool now and then.  My knee is making small improvements as I attend physical therapy 3 times each week.  

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