Friday, June 15, 2018

Travel Time ahead

Sketchbook/Lamy Pen & wc

What happens each spring (and fall) is that I risk boring my blog followers to death with lists of things I am doing in order to leave one place and get to another.  As in "oh no, there she goes again."
When I start posting sketches of the suitcases and bags you know we are nearing departure.  

The packing list is fairly routine, after all.  
So I promise no more lists. 

We have a nice itinerary.  There is always a little twist here and there and we try hard to find places to make the sights a bit new.  There really is a LOT of country between central FL and northern WI.  And it's rare we make a direct route.    

Some of our past back and forth travels have taken us as far west as Omaha and south as Baton Rouge.  So watch here for some of the travel adventures.  Tuesday morning is the "take off" time.  

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