Saturday, June 30, 2018

Winding up the itinerary

Coming to the end of the itinerary now...sorry there is no art for a bit.  There has not been time.  We made a stop to visit two more grandchildren in Poynette, WI (Eric and Missy) and then we headed to Watertown for lunch with old friends Al and Lillian.  Then on up north to the cabin.  Got in about 7 pm.  

All looks well except it's 87 degrees there.  We've never seen anything like this up there.  It's nuts.  We unloaded the car, turned on the fridge to chill overnight and headed back to Minocqua for dinner at Culver's and a nice sleep in the local motel (with AC).  

This morning we'll get basic groceries (you know like milk and bread) and head back for a day of trying to put things together.  We've hired someone to help prime our pump and get the water on. Hoping it won't be 90 all day.  That would make it harder.

I'll be back to "art" soon.  We are prepping for company over the 4th so that will be fun too.  Happy 4th everyone!

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