Friday, June 22, 2018

Leaving South Carolina Memories behind

Our two days in South Carolina at my sister's have come to an end.
We leave for WV this morning.  My impressions this trip are that we spent a lot of time on their huge deck overlooking the lake where my brother in law has tons of beautiful potted plants AND we curled up in the lovely living room (also facing the lake) for visiting, reading, and chatting.  I wound the two places together with a string.

Our days here were almost all clear and hot...low 90s.  But with a gentle breeze off the lake.  In fact I am the first one up this morning and am sitting on the deck at 7 am with my coffee listening to the birds and watching a few early morning fisherman.  

We ate at a nice restaurant last night.  
I just hate to think of packing and moving on. 

If I lived here I'd be out on this deck all the time.  They don't seem to have very many least not at this time of year.  And the lovely property is full of huge shady trees.  

I suspect we are heading to slightly cooler weather now as we move north and east through mountains.  We'll be in motels the next two nights and then with friends in Indiana.  

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