Thursday, June 28, 2018

Keeping to the Itinerary

We are visiting with friends Roberta and Jim and their darling dog in Williams Bay, WI.  This is the town where my children grew up.  
So it's lovely and nostalgic to be back here for a few days.

Roberta loves to sit on her screen porch and this sketch is part of her view out into the woods.  Deer come to visit.  We had some rain while here but it seems to have blown off now and we are to get some nice sunny and warmer days...just the way I like them!  

We enjoyed some family time in the area while here.
These are two of our grown up grandsons on either side of Greg.
Everyone enjoys cars so the photo is in front of some of them!

We are off to Poynette, WI later today to visit more family with a stop at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lake Geneva to put fresh flowers on my mom and dad's graves.  This is something we try to do once a year while passing through southern WI.  

Sticking with the itinerary we will head to Watertown, WI on Friday for more friends and then make the final trip north to the little cabin on the lake.  Our plan is to unpack on Friday afternoon and turn on the electricity so the fridge will chill.  

Then we'll stay in Minocqua 12 miles from there for the night in the LAST motel of this trip.
We have no water on at the cabin yet.  Then we'll get some groceries on Sat morning and meet friend Scott back at the cabin to get the water on (it's no small task) and begin to "settle" a bit.  

Crossing fingers that the 4th of July week is dry and warm as we have my son and his wife and two boys arriving!  Hoping to get the pier in that week.  

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