Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fa La La La La, La La La La

So here I am back to the studio on a very dark and very rainy northern Wisconsin morning.  No place better than in your studio, right?  You can see how dark it is out the window and it was about 10 a.m! AND it actually got quiet around here as my hubby had a conference to go to and went off for the morning! Love him dearly, but these quiet mornings are a treasure! Got sort of dragged back into looking at Christmas card ideas again.  So this is my second attempt at one.  So much for a "tropical holiday card".  (I could paint a palm tree in the background!)  But I saw an idea for this in a Christmas holiday book (cookie recipe) and I thought, hey, I am into cookbooks for a theme right now and I could include my Best-Ever Cut Out Cookie recipe in the inside cover of the card.  I also like the idea that the card sort of has the theme of "quiet contemplation".  (Yes I set the camera and took a photo of myself!)  This little card idea was on Arches Rough 140# paper with Winsor Newton watercolors.  


  1. Looks nice and cozy in your studio and probably much better to be in, looking out on this rainy morning. Sure is beautiful looking at those gorgeous tree, though. I like your cookie painting! it is going to be difficult picking which painting to use for a card.

  2. Love the card idea! Every year I think I'll paint something, then by the time I come up with an idea it's so close to Christmas I just forget it. Perhaps you will inspire me to "giterdun" this year! Hate to tell you how eerily similar your crowded table and mine are! We even have the same lamp! Hope you have a more cheery view out that window tomorrow!