Monday, August 17, 2009

Joy Therapy

I mentioned in my last post about needing "space between the notes".  All my company has left now and it's a gorgeous sunny north woods Wisconsin day.  Couldn't be more lovely...dappled sunlight on the mossy grasses.  Quiet, quiet...loons calling..about 75 degrees.  

So why am I feeling weepy and sad? It's totally one of those funny old blue things that happens to everyone now and then. Nothing my dear husband could do or say helped...I just needed some "joy therapy".  Time alone and time to take deep breaths and time to refill the cup.  I have been depleted.  

I took a leisurely walk up our long winding tree lined road to mail a letter...letting the sun warm my shoulders and I took lots of deep breaths of the good piney air.  On the way back I stopped and picked wild daisies and picked up red leaves that had fluttered down along the road over the past few days....also picking up still green leaves with just red tinges on the outside edges. I marveled at their beauty.  I stood and watched a bee busy at work and saw some lovely red berries to add to a small bouquet.  I gathered a fern.  

I pulled open the sliding window in the studio to bird song and pulled out that Cheap Joe sketchbook with the sort of shiny bristol-like paper in it.  And I did just a contour sketch (no graphite) of the leaves/flowers...letting the ink slide where it would...sort of Charles Reid style.  Then I added some color and the lovely reds and greens began to give me joy right away.  When I finished (15-20 minutes later) I looked at the contrast between the last sketch and this one.  I liked them both.  But I saw immediately the mood change right there on the paper and I felt better already.  Art is a wonderful therapy when my mood is low.  It'll take me the rest of the day to totally refill the cup but I am well on my way. Have a joyful day!   


  1. So true - what you say, Ginny...and you needed that time to yourself. I was with you on your walk as I read your post - so wonderful!

  2. I think we have the "downs" just so we can enjoy the "ups" more! And we all need quiet time just to ourselves, especially after some hectic time. You will now be invigorated - and have some lovely memories to savor!