Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life is Short..Eat Dessert First!

The wedding cookbook is finally finished. It really took quite a bit longer than I envisioned.  It turned out to be 33 pages (back to back).  I did not hand illustrate all of the recipes only about a third of them.  (There are about 50 recipes).  Many of them arrived online with photos attached which helped me a lot and made for a nice variety.  Sometimes people sent me a photo of the dish...or the person who gave them the recipe or people eating the final dish!  Sometimes I decided to show the apple bread all baked in the little sketch or sometimes I drew the ingredients as in the Chicken Tetrazzini.  All the pages were 8-1/2 x 11 and I used a slicker, heavier weight paper for the pages.  

I did a photo collage of everyone who donated recipes and their relationship to the couple and put in index in the front (listing all the desserts first, of course). And then did a cover with the bride and groom's photo on it and slipped it inside the 3 ring binder plastic cover.  
 That way they can change the cover some day if they want to and they can add lots more recipes. 
I know some of the people who donated want copies of the cookbook!  So guess I am not done yet!!!
Good to have that mostly done so I can go on to other projects now.   


  1. It sounds like a wonderful cookbook and a treasure to be passed down through generations. Too bad I am not in your family:(
    That young couple will love it!

  2. This will be a wonderful memomento for them and will definitely stand out among the toasters and place settings!

  3. Hope they enjoy it after all your hard work! Maybe you can take it to your local print shop and have several copies made for the others who want it (maybe bridge/groom mothers too??)

  4. I thought about the print shop idea too. It'll take me a long time to copy it on my printer. We don't have any Staples or Office Depot within an hour of the cabin...but I could get a quote from a local printer.