Thursday, August 27, 2009

Journaling Your Heart Out

Every time I sit down and look through my own personal journals, the materials from classes I've taught about journaling, the blogs about journaling, the books about journaling...I always come away amazed at how this fascinating "form" of art has expanded and in what myriads of directions!  

I continue to write and re-write my lesson plans to utilize the small amount of time I have to make the most of the subject on Sept 16. These are photos of posters I am going to use to help keep me on track so I don't get to diverted.   

I am also planning a short presentation on "en plein air" journaling.  There is a group here called Northwoods Outdoor Artists and I do hope to get involved next summer. If you live in the Minocqua, WI  area you can 
email them for more information at  However they have concluded their season for for 2009 now.  I want participants in the class to know something about the excitement (and the ups and downs) of outdoor journaling and travel journaling too.  

I've turned a corner FINALLY on this awful cold and although my energy level is LOW...I am feeling more like a human being again!  A couple more days and I should be back to normal.  

And aside: My daughters and I are planning o
n canning tomatoes this fall together and now we find out in the southern Wisconsin and Madison, WI area there is a really bad tomato blight!  OH NO.  I hope we can find some tomatoes somewhere!  

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