Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's The Spaces Between the Notes That Make the Music

My favorite quote from Wayne Dyer is "It's the spaces between the notes that make the music, otherwise what you have is noise."  I have not had nearly enough "spaces between the notes" this summer and it's beginning to get a little noisy in my life.  

The last time we were out to the islands on the north woods lake on Thursday,  I had exactly 5 minutes to do this sketch. (A water-soluble Tombow pen on a Cheap Joe Sketchbook with a water brush.)  Usually I get at least half an hour.  But Alex cut his toe just before the picnic lunch and so we had to do some quick first aid and then get back to cabin to get it washed out properly. No time for a lazy sketch while the boys hiked as we had planned.  

I went to my book club in Minocqua last Monday and laughed to hear this same lament from many of my friend there.  We all over-do the company about this time of year and wear ourselves out!!!  Now we have 5 people here (and a 5 year old). You can forget the spaces now!  :-)  Next week will be more quiet...just one adult guest and she is coming here for the "spaces" between her notes.  Now I'll get back to the Christmas card art, finishing up the illustrated cookbook, and maybe get to try some of Barb Sailors pouring techniques.   

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