Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick 15 minute sketches

Just at 7 pm at the north woods cabin, a kind of stillness settles over the lake.  The lake goes glass-like.  The cabin faces west so the warm sun settles gently on our shore and the children love to swim around this time and then come up to a late supper on the screen porch to watch the sunset.  Grampy starts a campfire after supper if we are not too exhausted and we watch the stars come out.  

As I watched Alex and his friend CJ jump off the pier and swim off to a nearby island, our neighbors came down with their grandson to do a little fishing.  So I did a very quick sketch of them.  And also a quick one of the pontoon boat docked just one island away.  I used a .005 Micron to do the quick sketch (no graphite involved) and then a touch of watercolor using a water brush.  Then up the hill to warm the veggies and put supper on the table.  I am off to ring the dinner bell now.   


  1. Ginny - this really makes me nostalgic for the north woods - you have caught the atmosphere/feeling completely. I love your sketches.

  2. These little paintings are so sweet and evocative. They remind me of illustrations in books I had when I was a child.

  3. I love that you weave your art into the day Ginny. Makes me wish that mosaicing was more portable!

  4. I'm a fool for a sketchbook. Lovely drawings and musings here.