Saturday, February 6, 2010

35th Annual Mt. Dora, FL Art Fair

We were lucky that the tornado warnings and tremendous rains came on Friday and not today! What we had today was 65 (mostly sunny) and windy.

I think my favorite new find at the art fair is Peggy Furlin (Lake Mills, WI and Palmetto, FL) . Her watercolors on watercolor canvas are exquisite!!!

She is, according to her blog, on a LONG roll of art fairs. I can't believe the huge number of fairs she has been to.

Looking at her website is a delight.
I am hoping she teaches but at this point I really don't see how she could because she's on the road all the time!!! But I love her palette, her wonderful compositions, and her use of canvas!!
More to follow on this!!!

I am imagining that the fair brought as many people as usual (or more). The streets were crowded.


  1. Looks like a wonderful turnout! And, sitting here freezing with snow all around - it also looks W A R M !!!

  2. It was a pleasant kind of a "sweatshirt" day or light jacket day. When the sun was out it was warm. Of course, for us, 65 is not warm! But I have to say that this is a good "art fair" temperature as I have been to ones when it is so hot that you just melt away and that's no good either!!! It seemed as though art was being purchased. I always hope that it makes $ for the artist involved!!! I did connect with Peggy Furlin by email that evening and I am hopeful I will get to one of her workshops soon. I hear the midwest is due for another big snowfall tomorrow!!! Will you get it?

  3. hi ginny...
    thanks again for your most kind comments...and for including me in your blog. I look forward to meeting you in leesburg in march.
    also...I have added a link to your blog on my web page...