Friday, February 5, 2010

TV Celebrity?

Move over Ellen and Oprah. Here's Ginny!

Our park in Florida (Hawthorne Park in Leesburg) has closed circuit TV and they broadcast every morning for half an hour. The first Friday of each month is "art day" and Al, a resident oil painter, does the interviews.

Artists bring in some of their paintings and Al asks questions about them and we explain about how they were painted, what the subject matter is and medium, etc. Very fun. Some of the paintings you saw framed in a previous blog are in that show.

The paper-painted pineapple was a big hit as no one had really seen anything quite like that before!!!


  1. Bet you had fun (and also did a great job!) informing everyone about your techniques!

  2. Wow! A celebrity! You look great on televison. Congratulations on all your awards and artistic have been very busy. The paper pineapple is an awesome project. I love it.

  3. What fun! Interesting that your community there does this.

  4. Yay Ginny! Thats a great idea for a small community. I'm sure you inspired your viewers with your passion and energy for art.

  5. It really is a fun thing that they do this....the program is done at 9 a.m. Monday-Friday and then rebroadcast at 12:30 for those that can watch the original show. They do all kinds of interviews and when there are elections of officers for the park, they do candidate interviews, and some days are recipes or event promotions or even an online auction of items on other days. Very cute. We have over 1000 homes in our community here and it helps keep us all informed of what's happening. Our art group has over 70 members now and about 50 are on the email newsletter that I edit. The art interview once a month is a big hit with folks.