Thursday, June 30, 2011

En plein air in Arbor Vitae, WI

Here I am about 10:30 am this morning on a beautiful almost sultry summer day (the last day of June) en plein air painting with friends from Manito Art League. Arbor Vitae Lake is about 30 minutes from my cabin...and we were right near a wonderful pub for lunch (Slo's Pub).
There were about 10 people there painting in many mediums!

I was determined to try out some more of John's Lovett's techniques en plein air.
So...I blocked off areas, used masking tape to mask off the birch tree trucks, added some india ink (with nib pen) and even use gouache to blend off the edges of the painting on location. That was one experiment to see if I could handle that out of doors.

Afterwards at lunch overlooking the lake, we all enjoyed sharing art...hearing about what each artist was "aiming" for. this is Joan Stevens talking about her lovely watercolor.

I decided on mine, as usual, I am too washed out and need more darks and contrasts. Not more detail though. Mine was about 8 x 10 on 300# Arches. I'll post more of other's work in another blog soon.

It has clouded up this afternoon and smells like rain coming. I am so pleased it held it was not predicted to be a good morning! What a surprise gift!!!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day to me, you lucky woman! It is a great picture of you, too!